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Q & A

Frequently asked questions related to the 17th WHO- REMPAN Coordination Meeting.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via email or ask a question

and we will respond.

Q. Is parking fee supported?

For parking, please park at the hotel at the venue, and we will provide you with a parking attendant.

​The area around the venue is crowded, so it would be appreciated if you could use public transportation.

Q. What is electric power in Korea and what type of electric plug
    is used? Do I need an adapter?

​In Korea, 220v is used. The plug uses type F (compatible with types E and C).

Q. Does the meeting venue have a free wifi?

Yes. Free Wi-Fi will be provided.

Q. Where can I buy a sim-card for my mobile phone in Seoul?

There are two ways to purchase a Korean SIM card.

1. Purchase from a mobile phone carrier at the airport
    -  Location
        SKT: Gate D
        KT: Gate E
        LG U+: Gate E

2. Purchase at a convenience store

Q. Is tap water safe to drink in Seoul?

Seoul’s tap water ‘Arisu’ is clean water that meets the NSF (International Sanitation Foundation) quality certification and the 170 water quality standards recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). So it's safe to drink.

Q. What are emergency numbers for police, fire, medical emergency?

Call 119. This connects you to both the fire department and emergency medical services. English-speaking operators are available.

Q. Will we have copies of all PPTs?

Please contact REMPAN Coordinator Dr Zhanat Carr

Q. Will the meeting’s proceedings be published afterwards?
     In which journal?

Please contact REMPAN Coordinator Dr Zhanat Carr

Q. Will the meeting be recorded and available for
     those who missed the meeting?

Only the presentations delivered on-line will be recorded and shared on REMPAN’s YouTube channel

Q. How many people per REMPAN member institution can attend?

The number of delegates per institution is not limited, it is entirely up to the member institution to decide who will attend, however, REMPAN secretariat should be informed in advance and the list of persons who plan to join the meeting (either live or online) should be provided to Dr Zhanat Carr


17th WHO-REMPAN Coordination Meeting Office

04081 136-13 Tojeong-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

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